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    The one word that started it all – Legacy.

    Renga (fondly known as Andy to many others) knew that he was on the cusp of discovering and delivering something that was truly extraordinary, something that would truly amaze people. But what would it be? He contemplated for a while.

    As he worked on his computer, he couldn’t help but notice Ma, his mother, in the distance. She was seated on her wheelchair and observing the sunset from the living area of the condominium fit for a family for at least 4. Whilst this recent elderly addition would seem like nothing, it was especially difficult since Ma was an amputee and bound to her wheelchair. It also didn’t make it easier that she was a little on the heavy side.

    He observed her for a little while, and then a strew of questions came flooding in upon realizing something – he had made it possible for his mother to live an almost normal life with some basic modifications to the condominium unit. He had installed bars in the bathroom, paired with a rotating floor disc on the floor which would assist with toileting and shower, a caregiver who’d assist with some basic things, along with a few others. “I’ve done these for my mother, now what if I did the exact same for others…but better?” he thought.

    After many months of research and putting plans to action, Meridian Care Living was born with but one simple intention of making life simpler for many, especially seniors. And most importantly, he desired to challenge people’s perspective of what retirement and assisted living, senior care and elder care facility should look like.

    Fast-forward 3 years, the facility is truly something to behold. Just look around and you’ll be amazed by the amount of attention that has gone into even the littlest of details. From the anti-slip coating on bathroom floors, sidebars that would provide support for those needing a little assistance while walking, professional and fully-qualified nurses familiar with medical conditions and terms, wall sensor lights to illuminate the path in the absence of ceiling lights, a sensory garden to stimulate the 5 senses, and much more that you will have to see to believe.

    However, not too long ago Meridian Care Living lost one of its finest to cancer. Even though he looked forward to returning to his very own center to “sample his own product of making”, the illness had already reached an advanced stage which left everyone broken-hearted.

    His family is now continuing from where he has left off in order to keep his legacy an ongoing success. They intend on working closely together to continue delivering what Renga has always dreamed and intended – for Meridian Care Living to be your Home Away From Home – But Better. 

    That will be his true Legacy.